The Community of Whittier

Hello Everyone

There are three major communities that surround Prince William Sound. This post will focus on Whittier, please see the attached map for visual.

Whittier is on the complete opposite side Prince William Sound than Cordova. Whittier is also not far from Anchorage Alaska, which is a very well known city. Being a community that is so close to Anchorage and on the coastline of Prince William Sound allows for greater connection to the rest of Alaska. Whittier is connected through a roadway and railway. But it is also connected to other communities through the Alaska Marine Highway. This is a Ferry service, which connects the three major cities on the Sound as well as others, together and to the rest of Alaska. Whittier has a very small population of 190 people that live there year round, but the population does increase in the warmer months with the visitors.

With being located on the Sound but also have access via a road allows for a unique economic opportunity for Whittier. The community receives many visitors through out the warmer months looking to do everything that Whittier has to offer. The photo seen above is one of the many reasons why visitors come to Whittier. Prince William Sound allows for amazing views of glaciers, as well as the wildlife that is present within the sound. There are many other outdoor activities that draw visitors to Whittier like kayaking on the Sound, the many trails where they can walk, run or bike. There is also charter fishing and camping.

But with most of the visitors coming for the outdoor attractions it does bring questions to the surface about what the oil did to Whittier. Such as Did the oil affect the beaches of Whitter? Did people stop coming because they thought the whole sound was covered in oil and would not be safe? Did it harm those that rely on the visitors to come? Did the company do anything for those who were living and working within Whitter?

With these just being some of the questions that will be explored in additional posts.


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 12.59.03 PM





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