The Community of Valdez

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There are three major communities that surround Prince William Sound. This post will focus on Valdez, please see the attached map for visual.

The community of Valdez has about 4,498 residences, which makes it the largest of the three major communities located on the Sound. The community is deep within Prince William Sound, which can be seen on the map. Valdez being so deep within the sound is east of Anchorage by about a 305-mile road trip. Valdez can be reached by air, roadway and, the Alaska Marine Highway ferry service.

Valdez is best known for being an oil port, and for also being in the name of the tanker that is the title for this blog. Valdez is the southern terminal for the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline, which also makes it a valuable port for many oil tankers, which take on oil in Valdez and transport it elsewhere. Across form the town is where the terminal is for the Trans-Alaska oil Pipeline. The terminal has massive storage tanks located there, which hold nine million barrels of oil each.

Although the pipeline and terminal allow for a major economic inflow to the community Valdez is also a hot spot for those who want to experience the outdoors. Valdez is less than 25 miles away from the Columbia Glacier, which many tourists come to see. As well as being very close to the Alaska State Marine Park, and of course being on Prince William Sound.

While the community of Valdez does have strong ties to the oil industry it still does welcome visitors from all over for its natural beauty. With this being said there are still many questions that come to mind surrounding the community of Valdez and the oil spill such as: What was the impact on the Valdez? Did any of the people within the community want the oil to stop? Was anyone angered by the way this was treated? Did any of the oil make it to the shores of Valdez?

These questions as well as others are ones I am hoping to touch on at least a small amount within this blog.


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 12.59.03 PM




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