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As we all know this Blog is for a class that I am currently taking, while I am not the only one in this class. With this being said another member of the class is also doing the topic of oil spills but they are covering the 2010 BP oil spill, which also happened in the USA but it, was within the Gulf of Mexico.

On the blog a visual analysis was done of an American Flag floating in water oil mixture. Within this post the statement was made “To me this photo is a reminder of the fact that as humans we tend to lull ourselves into thinking nothing can go wrong.”

After reading this and thinking originally that well yea that is something that everyone knows. I began to think about it deeper in respects to both the 2010 BP disaster and the Exxon Valdez oil spill in1989. I think that for as long as humans have inhabited this planet we have done exactly that; “lulled ourselves into thinking nothing can go wrong”. This can also play into why we have technological disasters for so long, but this can also explain why we choose to live in areas that are dangerous to our health. This statement residents so much with me when it comes to the Exxon Valdez disaster in the way that they had plans in place to insure if anything happened they would be ready. They would be ready to stop it at just a small oil spill instead of the worst oil disaster in America until 2010. But after not having a spill for a number of years, which had lulled the people into a place where nothing could go wrong. This is the disastrous place to be, this place is where the Exxon Valdez oil disaster came from. The place where nothing could go wrong so we no longer need a plane incase a spill happens so we are taking the safety plans and equipment away.

Within the original blog post the statement “The image also makes me think about the differing perspectives on land particularly that of a culture driven by money“ was also made me think a great deal about my blog and the way that my disaster is viewed. The different perspective of viewing something for money being a cultural aspect is interesting perspective to take when looking at disasters. The company of Exxon is using the land (or in this case water) as a way to transport oil from where it was taking from the land to where it will be used for money. They built the ship with the perspective of money, the bigger the ship the more oil in one trip, the more money that can be made. Within the Exxon Valdez disaster the use of land being driven by money is very prominent when it comes to compensation to the people that were affected by the oil. The land (or water) that’s used by the people in order to make a living was tainted by the oil from Exxon’s tanker and they refused to pay out damages instead deciding to deal with it in court. Exxon placed the money in which they were getting from the land more so than the land itself.

When looking at others posts it gives a very interesting place to take a step back from our own small view of our blog and think about it in a different way.




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