Responce Piece

  Hello Everyone Please see this link for the post that I am responding to:¬† As we all know this Blog is for a class that I am currently taking, while I am not the only one in this class. With this being said another member of the class is also doing the topic of... Continue Reading →


Exxon Valdez Failure Slidecast

Hello Everyone Within this post is the link to the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Failures Slidecast which is uploaded on YouTube. this slidecast is focused on the failures that surround the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and those failures being a lack of mitigating risks. -Alexis  

Interlocution: Disasters in a good way

Hello Everyone This post is something new for my blog. This is an interlocution or interview with another classmate from History 3CH3, her name is Amy. This was something interesting to do as it allowed me to get to know someone else's topic more in-depth and to get an understanding of there point of view.... Continue Reading →

Primary Source Analysis

Hello Everyone   Being that my disaster happened over 25 years ago some of the primary source information is not as good as it could be today. Which is slightly frustrating not having the tweets or the Facebook posts from those who are in the moment and struggling. We do not get these short bursts... Continue Reading →

Analysis of ABC News Cast: 24 of March 1989

  Hello Everyone March of 1989 was a time when the evening news was much larger than it was today. Today the dissemination of information is on a minute-by-minute bases as information about an event as it is happening. In 1989 the vital information about events was distributed thought the evening news. The Exxon Valdez... Continue Reading →

Power: Who Has It and Who Doesn’t

Hello Everyone When sitting thinking about this blog and what I should put on it while doing the manual takes the seem to consume everyday lives, things like dishes and folding Landry. I started to think about a couple of things one of which will be worked through with this post and the other in... Continue Reading →

Exxon Valdez – Mind Map

Hello This is a mind map for the failures that surrounded the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989. This Mind Map is the beginning of a slide cast which is still to come. 3CH3 - Mind Map -Alexis

The Day it all got so much worse

Hello Everyone The Exxon Valdez ran aground on Friday March 24 at around midnight, this is when what everyone thought was going to be the worst of it happened. But on Sunday March 26 it became very clear that is was not going to be the only horrible thing to happen in regards to this... Continue Reading →

The Single Hull

Hello Everyone Exxon Valdez was built with a single hull; this could be for many different reasons many of them we will never know for sure. But speculating on a couple is possible one could be for the purposes of cost. With a company owning the Exxon Valdez they want to be making money instead... Continue Reading →

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